The Dānešnāme-ye jahān-e eslām ("Encyclopaedia of the world of Islam"; hereinafter, DJE) is a Persian encyclopaedia dealing with the sacred Islamic religion, with the history, civilization and culture of Muslim peoples from the beginning of Islam down to the present. Its articles, arranged alphabetically, cover a vast area of knowledge: technical terms of Koranic sciences, Prophetic traditions, Islamic law (feqh), theology (̒ elm-e kalām), mysticism, philosophy, letters (adab), and art; biographies of Prophets, Muslim Saints (awliā'), and Imams; the lives, works and views of Koran commentators, traditionists, legists (foqahā’), Muslim theologians, philosophers, scientists, mystics, historians, poets, and artists of the Islamic world; political history of Islam, biographies of caliphs, sultans, viziers, and accounts of past ruling dynasties; geography of countries and cities of the Islamic world-past and present; archeology of secular and religious monuments; religious festivities and special days; artefacts, clothes, food items, plants, drugs, etc., peculiar to Islamic lands, and so on.